Embedding Decks

Your presentations on Slides can easily be embedded inside of other pages such as personal sites, blogs or news articles.


1. Open the share popup, it's available on the user profile, edit and presentation pages:

2. Chose the embed pixel dimensions and footer style you want:

3. Copy the generated code that appears below the options and paste it into the HTML source of your site. 

First slide

Embedded presentations start at the first slide by default. You can override this behavior by appending a "#/<slideNumber>" to your embed URL. For example, if your embed code contains the URL "https://slides.com/news/math/embed" and you want to start at slide 3 you'd change it to "https://slides.com/news/math/embed/#/3". Vertical slides are delimited by a second forward slash, for example #/3/1.


It's possible to communicate with an embedded presentation from the parent page. This API allows you to keep track of which slide the presentation is on as well as letting your change slides programatically. More info here: http://help.slides.com/knowledgebase/articles/880650-advanced-embed-api


Below are three examples of embeds, showing each available embed footer style. These styles are useful to make your embed blend better with the surrounding page. The third "hidden" style which removes the footer entirely is only available to Pro users.

Footer style: dark

Footer style: light

Footer style: hidden (Pro only)

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