Sharing Private Decks

Sharing a public deck is as simple as sending out a link. When sharing a private deck you are still sharing a link but that link is secret and optionally password protected. You can choose to create any number of these secret links, which is helpful for example when sharing the same content with multiple different clients.

To access these privacy controls click the "share" button which appears next to your deck on the profile or editor pages. The screenshot below shows an example where two links have been created for two different viewers. Lets take a closer look at what's available:

View count
Each link has a unique view count. This makes it possible to track who has viewed your deck and how many times. In the future additional metrics will be made available based on this.

Password protection
Optionally specify a password that users will have to enter before viewing your deck. Learn more.

Revoke access
Links can be deleted by hovering over them in the list. Deleting a link will revoke access to it, meaning anyone you have shared it with will longer have access. 

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