Adding Links

Links can be inserted to open an external web page or another slide in your presentation (see "Internal links" below). Note that links aren't clickable while you're editing but they work when previewing or viewing your presentation outside of the editor.

There's two different places where links can be inserted:

1. Text links
If you want to add a link to text you can find the option for this inside of the text toolbar. Click on it and you will be prompted to specify a link.

2. Block links
It's also possible to add links to other types of blocks, like shapes and images. This option is available in the block configuration options which appear when a block is focused.

Internal links
The following link format can be used to point to another slide in your presentation: #/<slidenumber>.

For example, #/3 would take you to the third slide and #/4/2 would take you to the second vertical slide underneath the fourth slide. Note that these numbers are zero-indexed meaning the first slide is numbered 0.

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