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Single Sign-On (SSO) using Google Apps

For Teams who also use Google Apps for their work email it is possible to enable Single Sign-On (SSO). With this enabled, it is still possible but no longer required to invite new users to a team, making team management much easier. To get started, the Team owner simply enters their work email domain name into the teams settings page:

Once this is complete, the sign in form on the Team's home page is updated to display this option. New accounts must use the SSO option on the Team's home page to be added to the team. It is still possible to sign-in manually for users who have an email and password. This is also useful to invite members who do not share email accounts with the team.

Slides will automatically handle billing for team members. For monthly subscribers, the next invoice will include the pro-rated amount in addition to the monthly subscription fee. For yearly subscribers, the pro-rated invoice is charged immediately, since the next billing period may be many months away.

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