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Navigation & Keyboard Shortcuts

The four arrows in the bottom right corner of a deck are used for navigation. Those arrows also light up to indicate available paths. Beyond the visual controls there are many different navigation shortcuts based on what kind of device you're using to view the deck. 

Make sure to try out the Overview mode mentioned below for a fast way to get a birds eye view of any deck.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Escape:                 Overview mode
B, period:              Paused mode (blacks out screen)
S:                      Open presenter view (only in /fullscreen deck pages)
N, Page Down:           Next slide, includes vertical slides
P, Page Up, Space:      Previous slide, includes vertical slides
Right Arrow:            Next horizontal slide
Left Arrow:             Previous horizontal slide
Down Arrow:             Next vertical slide
Up Arrow:               Previous vertical slide
Home:                   First slide
End:                    Last slide

Touch gestures:
Swipe left:        Next slide
Swipe right:       Previous slide
Swipe up:          Next vertical slide
Swipe down:        Previous vertical slide

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