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Team Members

The Members setting page allows admins to add new or manage existing team members. To invite a new member simply enter their email address, select a role and send. The invited team member will receive an email with instructions for how to join. 

Teams can also enable Single sign-on with Google Apps for easier Team management.

Each team member can have one of two roles:
- Members can create presentations and access shared content in the team.
- Admins can change team settings, manage members, create new themes and generally do anything that the owner can.

Deactivating a member
You can deactivate a team member by pressing the X symbol under the "Team members" list. We don't delete any data for a deactivated member so you can easily reactivate them again.

Note that deactivated members are not counted towards your subscription cost.

Deleting a member
Deactivated team members can be permanently deleted by pressing the trash can symbol. When you delete a team member you are given the option to also delete all of their decks or alternatively move the decks into your own account.

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