Team Settings

If you are a team owner you have access to the team settings page. On it you will find the following options:

Upload a logo to add some custom branding to your team's subdomain on Slides. This logo is used in multiple places such as the site header and login pages. It is always used against dark backgrounds.

The team name is used for various messaging around the site as well as for your invoices. If you haven't uploaded a logo it will also be visible in the header.

Your team's "subdomain" determines which address you use to access the team. For example if you choose a subdomain value of "whim", the address to your team will be Keep in mind that changing your subdomain means that all existing links to it will no longer work.

Billing address
Entering a billing address is optional. If you do choose to enter one it will be included on all of your future invoices.

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