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Speaker View

The speaker view is the control panel for your deck while presenting. On it you have access to speaker notes, a preview of the upcoming slide, elapsed time, current time and more. It is intended to be used in parallel with the present view.

You can open the speaker view through a link on the present view or by manually appending "speaker" to the end of your deck URL (<username>/<deckname>/speaker).

The previews of current and upcoming slides inside of this view are automatically kept in sync as your presentation is navigated. This syncing also works across devices so that you can, for example, have the speaker view open on a different computer from the one that you're using to show the presentation to your audience.

Live Presenting
If you're using the speaker view in conjunction with a live presentation you'll see a status indicator in the bottom right hand corner telling you how many subscribers there are.

Remote Control
The speaker view also doubles as a remote control when accessed from a mobile phone.

Speaker Layouts
If you make heavy use of speaker notes, you may want to change the layout of the speaker view to one which gives more prominence to notes.

Offline Speaker View
If you export your presentation to present offline you will need to use the offline speaker view. This can opened by pressing the S key on your keyboard when the offline presentation has been opened in your web browser.

Learn more about exports and the offline speaker view here:

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