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Working with Blocks

At the core of the Slides editor is what we call "blocks". A block is a distinct piece of content that can be individually moved around and configured within a slide. There are many different kinds of blocks for different types of content, such as text, image, iframe and shape.

Clicking on a block once gives it focus. The text block, as shown in the screenshot below, can also be double-clicked when you want to edit its text content.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when one or more blocks are focused:
- Arrows to move, hold SHIFT to move larger distances
- ⌘+C / CTRL+C to copy
- ⌘+X / CTRL+X to cut⌘+V / CTRL+V to paste
- ⌘+G / CTRL+G to group blocks
- Backspace to delete
- Enter to edit text content
- SHIFT + Enter to stop editing text content


The left hand side of the editor updates to provide options for the currently focused block. In the example below, we're looking at the configuration options for a text block which include alignment, size, color and more.

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