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Google Analytics

Pro users and Team owners can access non-personally identifiable data about who's viewing their decks. This data is collected for all views on your decks as well as on your profile page and is a great help in determining how your content is performing.

To enable this functionality you need to provide your own Google Analytics Measurement ID. The measurement ID consists of the letter "G" followed by several digits, for example: G-7B8HWJRTNY. Pro users can enter this ID in their account settings and team owners do it on the team settings page.

Analytics for Teams
A single measurement ID is shared for all members of a team. This means that views on all team member decks and profile pages are sent to a single analytics property, as opposed to having each member specify their own.

Locating Your Measurement ID
If you're having trouble locating your tracking ID please refer to the screenshots below.

1. Sign up for free at
2. Create a new Property for Slides using the Google Analytics dashboard (step by step instructions)
3. Create a new Data Stream for the Web platform

4. Enter "" as the website URL and a stream name of your choosing.

5. Copy the measurement ID over to the settings page.

6. All done!

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