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Sharing Private Decks

Sharing a public deck is as simple as sending out a link. The process of sharing a private deck is similar, but you need to start by creating a private and optionally password protected link. You can create any number of these private links, name them and track how many times they have been opened.

To access these privacy controls click the "Share" button on your profile page or within the editor. The screenshot below shows an example where two private links have been created for two different viewers. Lets take a closer look at what's available:

Password protection
Optionally specify a password that users will have to enter before viewing your deck. Learn more.

View count
Each link has a unique view count. This makes it possible to track who has viewed your deck and how many times.

You can opt in to be notified via email the first time that this private link is viewed.

Revoke access
Links can be deleted by hovering over them in the list. Deleting a link will revoke access to it, meaning anyone you have shared it with will longer have access. 

Restricted where your deck can be embedded
When embedding a private presentation you can optionally choose to restrict which websites that your presentation can be embedded on. This is helpful if you want to embed sensitive content on your own site but want to be assured that no one else can copy the link and embed it elsewhere.

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