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Export to ZIP (Lite/Pro)

Exporting your presentation as a ZIP is one of the best ways to gain offline access. Unlike PDF exports, presentations exported this way maintain all of their animations and interactivity.

Export instructions
1. Head to the Export panel in the Slides editor a click the "Download ZIP" button. This is usually fast but may take up to a minute for presentations with many images.
2. Unzip the downloaded file
3. Open the unzipped index.html file. It will open in your web browser but unlike a traditional website it's loading everything it needs from your local filesystem.

Speaker view
It's possible to access a speaker view for your downloaded presentation. This speaker view includes any speaker notes that you may have added through the Slides editor. To open the speaker view press the "S" key on your keyboard while the presentation is open.

Presentation options (advanced)
After opening your presentation in your web browser, you can set presentation options by manually changing the URL. For example, if your presentation URL is .../slides/index.html and you want to hide the controls you can append ?controls=false to the end. If you want to hide the controls and the progress bar along the bottom of the screen you'd change the URL to be ../slides/index.html?controls=false&progress=false.

controls (true/false) – Show or hide the presentation control arrows.
progress (true/false) – Show or hide the progress bar along the bottom of the presentation.
loop (true/false) – Should the last slide loop back to the first?
shuffle (true/false) – Set to true to randomize the slide order.
autoSlide (number) – The number of milliseconds between auto-advancing slides, 0 means off.

File structure
The below screenshot shows the contents of an exported ZIP.
index.html – The content of your presentation as well as any custom CSS.
lib – Library files that are used to power the presentation. Includes CSS, JS and font files.
placeholder-images – The name of this folder is based on the name of your presentation. It contains all of the presentation media assets.

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