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SVG (Vector Graphics)

You can can upload and insert SVG images through the media library. Start by clicking the "Image" block to the left side of the editor (pictured below). This will open up the library component where you can then select which file you want to upload.

SVG is a flexible document format that comes in many variations. Some of these variations can unfortunately lead to poor cross browser compatibility which is why we validate the presence of a few attributes before accepting an upload. The following attributes must be defined on the root <svg> node:
- xmlns
- viewBox
- width
- height

Inline SVG (advanced)
Presentations are displayed in your web browser as HTML documents. By default your SVG images are external references to files on our server however you can also choose to include the SVG inline with the presentation HTML.

This makes it possible to reach your SVG with custom CSS and, for example, invert colors when the background color of a slide changes.
.has-dark-background svg path {
    stroke: #fff;
Inline SVG examples available at

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