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Team Overview

The Slides Team plan is tailored for companies or organizations that want to streamline their presentation workflow. It's a great way to ensure that your team members have access to the custom building blocks they need to efficiently and quickly be able to create presentations. To create a team and try this out head to

Custom branded subdomain

Your team can choose its own custom subdomain, like Team domains don't have any Slides branding and you can upload your own company logo to make everyone feel more at home. Once signed in the team homepage shows a list of recent presentations created by your team. It's also possible to search to find internal presentations.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google Apps

For teams that use Google Apps for their work email, it is possible to enable Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows for easier team management and security. Find out more.

Shared custom themes

Team admins can create any number of custom presentation themes. These themes are readily available to all team members inside of the Slides editor. You also get to choose which theme that should be used by default when a new presentation is created. Find out more.

Shared slide templates

All Slides users can save custom slide templates which helps you reduce repetitive layout work. Teams also have access to a shared set of slide templates – this means when anyone in your team adds a slide, they get to choose from custom templates that you have prepared. Find out more.

Shared media library

It's also possible to share a media library with the team, giving your teammates one-click access to up-to-date logos, icon sets and other branded material. This is a great productivity boost since there's no longer any need to look around for frequently used assets.

Team analytics

You can access analytics for the whole team by specifying a Google Analytics ID. This lets you see which presentations that are performing well, which audience they are hitting home with and even which slides people spend most time on. Find out more.


Teams are billed based on the number of members that have been invited. You can easily invite new or removing existing members in the team member settings.

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