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Kiosk Mode (Autoplay)

The Kiosk Mode automatically steps through all slides in your presentation at a fixed interval. This view is useful when you want to display an infinitely looping deck on digital signage or on a kiosk display. This view automatically detects and loads any changes that you make to your deck so there's never any need to reload. We check for changes every few minutes.

Slide-specific Timing

You can override the auto-slide timing on a per-slide basis via the Slide Settings menu inside of the Slides editor.

Pause and resume

If you turn on the "Allow auto-sliding to be paused" option we show play/pause control in the bottom left corner of your presentation. This element shows a timer for when the slide will change and lets you manually navigate through the deck and resume auto-sliding at will.

To return to the Kiosk Mode menu after having already started a presentation, move your mouse towards the left edge of the screen and press the button that appears. See below:

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