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Slide Settings

The Slide Settings interface is used to configure slide-specific settings. This includes the ability to name your slides for internal linking, changing slide transitions, and specifying a duration that the slide should be visible when auto-sliding. You can open the Slide Settings using the menu on the right or by pressing SHIFT+ALT+S.

Slide Name

Give your slide a unique name that you can refer to when adding internal linksThe name needs to consist of alphanumeric characters and you can separate words with a dash, for example: "overview-slide".

Auto-Slide Duration

Specify a number of seconds that this slide should remain visible before automatically proceeding to the next slide. If this is left empty, or set to 0, the slide will not automatically proceed to the next slide.

This is typically used in combination with a default auto-slide duration at the presentation level. For example, if you have configured the presentation to automatically change slides every 6 seconds, you could use the slide-specific setting to make a specific slide remain visible for 20 seconds.

Slide & Background Transition

Changes how the slide and slide background animate in and out of view. Hover over a thumbnail to see a preview of the given animation.

This setting overrides the presentation-level transition. The default transition is highlighted with a star symbol.

Slide Classes (Advanced)

Pro/Team users who have enabled the Developer Mode gain access to one additional field for adding slide classes. This option is useful when you want to target a specific slide with custom CSS.

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