Autoplay/Kiosk Mode

You can make your presentation progress automatically by setting an autoplay time in the editor's Settings panel. You'll probably want to enable the "loop" options as well so that it will keep rotating indefinitely.


When this mode is turned on you will see a progress meter and play/pause control in the bottom left corner of your presentation. This is useful so that you can assume manual control when needed. Here's an example of how it looks in action

Slide-specific timing

You can override the autoplay timing on a per-slide basis. This option is available within the Slide Settings menu.


If you want a completely clean presentation without any overlaid user interface elements you can append special variables to the query string. Here's an example which will make the presentation autoplay every five seconds, as well as hide the controls and turn on looping:

If your presentation will run in a kiosk/information display setting you can make the presentation reload automatically to ensure that any edits you make are visible. This can be enabled using a query string parameter called "autoRefresh" which accepts a number in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second).
For example the following will reload once every ten minutes: (10m*60s*1000ms = 600 000ms)

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