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    Ruben commented  · 

    I have some write this you can read this
    Creating a deck template to streamline the process of making new decks is a great idea! While I don't have the capability to directly implement features in software, I can provide some suggestions on how you might achieve this using existing presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides:

    Create a Master Template Deck: Start by designing a master template deck that contains all the basic patterns and layouts you frequently use. Organize the slides in a logical order to make it easy to find the patterns you need.

    Save as Template: In PowerPoint, you can save the master template as a PowerPoint Template file (.potx) or in Google Slides, save it as a Google Slides template.

    Designate it as Default: In PowerPoint, you can set your template as the default so that every time you open PowerPoint, a new presentation will automatically be created based on the template. In Google Slides, you can set the template as a starting point for new presentations by using the "Import theme" option when creating a new presentation.

    Duplicate the Template: Instead of directly editing the master template, always duplicate it first and then edit the duplicate. This ensures that your original master template remains unchanged and available for future use.

    By following these steps, you can create and maintain a library of deck templates that will save you time and effort when creating new presentations. Templates are an efficient way to ensure consistency across your decks while allowing for customization based on the content of each presentation.
    thanks for read this, i hope my information is good and helpful.

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