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Make Buttons and Text optional in Presentation mode - e.g. enabled full screen button, disabled share button and by author line

Status quo: There are 3 styles to choose when embedding the iframe.
1. Dark style with by author line, share and full screen button
2. All the same but in Light
3. Hidden. All Elements are hidden

Why is it useful to make the elements (by author line, share and full screen button) optional?
E.g. our use case is to embed the slides on our page as teaching material.
Of course it's really useful for the students to make the slides bigger --> full screen, but as there is already our logo on our web page we don't want the by ... in a design we can't change. So it would be awesome to be able to...
... change the design of the by author text
... have the option to hide the by author text
Also we don't want others to share our slides or at least we want to choose on what pages. So it would be awesome to be able to
... enable/ disable the share button
... probably choose on which pages its allowed to embed the slides

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Tonja shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
completed  ·  AdminHakim (CEO / Founder, Slides) responded  · 

Hey! We’ve added two new embed options that let you hide the byline and share button. Try generating your embed code again with both of those options turned on and you should only see the fullscreen button in the footer.

Thanks for the feedback!


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